Our Vision

We are on a mission to enrich lives through service.


So many of us fall into an ingrained cycle: wake up, work, sleep, and do it all again. Whether you are a health care provider or not, burnout is prevalent in so many of our lives. We've found that the antidote to monotony and burnout is a sense of purpose, and we've discovered that serving others renews and focuses our sense of purpose. This discovery inspired us to found Clinic for Cities and Great Commission Outreach.

Our mission is to discover and develop opportunities for individuals who seek to serve others who are in need. 

We work to offer fulfilling, safe, and enjoyable service experiences for volunteers. Our work emphasizes growth in faith, knowledge of Christ, alignment of goals, accountability, and service to each other. We commit to model Christ and share His love through service to each other and the underserved people of the world. 

We believe when faith-forward individuals band together to make a difference, the world becomes a better place and, somewhere along the way, all of our lives are changed for the better. 


Eugene Gicheru, MD, MBA, FACEP
GCO Co-Founder

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