December 2018 Update: La Pila, Guatemala

For over 2 and a half years we have continued our quarterly trips to La Pila, Guatemala. We have accomplished a great deal since our first trip in 2016. To-date we have installed a water purification system, provided meals, built a medical clinic, paved the common area, and renovated the village bathrooms, and much more.

Below you will see a summary of what we accomplished during the December 2018 trip. Overall, the most meaningful work we have done is connect with the people of La Pila and continue to strengthen our relationships with them. We are grateful to have Julio and his wife as our boots on the ground working in the community.


All of the kids with scholarship finished their school year this month. During our trip, we attended a closing ceremony of one of the kids with great grades. 6 kids were added to the list of sponsored students for next year.


We delivered 89 food baskets during this trip. This time, they were Christmas baskets. They included beans, noodles, milk, sugar, and more complementary food, and also some items for the Christmas celebration. 


GCO doctors were able to see some patients during the first weekend of December. We provided free medical care and medication to approximately 50 people.

Sunday Service

The whole community gathered during Sunday, December 9 for a Sunday service that included worship and Christmas songs and preaching (Jemima preached). More than 200 people attended to this Sunday Service. 


We continue visiting Doña Roselia whose husband died in November. There is a group of 7 widows we are regularly visiting and assisting in caring for their families. We are assisting in a variety of ways, including scholarships, extra food baskets, job opportunities, and their normal monthly basket. We hope and pray for this group to continue to watch it grow into a supportive community for each one of them.

Christmas Gifts and Visits

We visited and caroled with some families in the community. We also delivered some Christmas gifts from people in Guatemala and US.